Parkinson Treatment – Micromar on SBT TV

Parkinson Disease is something who has concerned brazilian people. Fortunately, the treatment has evolved, as is possible to see on this vídeo-documentary “Conexão Repórter – As curas do amanhã” (Tomorrow’s healing), which was broadcast in August, 2015, on the TV channel SBT. The documentary was about new medical techniques and approaches, that gives hope and life quality for a lot of pacients with different diseases.

During the documentary, it is possible to see Dr. Claudio Correa using the Micromar Stereotactic System for the Parkinson Treatment, through a functional neurosurgery with Deep Electrode Placer (DBS). The surgical procedure was a success and one more pacient recovered the possibility of doing his day-by-day activities: one more family is smiling again!
It is very rewarding to know that all dedication and efforts in developing products and services can result in changing somebody’s life.

Click here and watch the vídeo!

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