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Aimsystem is a Stereotactic System with an over 30-year tradition, which reaches a target calculated with the highest precision. Because this is isocentric equipment, it is up to the neurosurgeon to choose the point of entry to reach the desired target. The Aimsystem is versatile and allows for direct fixation using 3 or 4 screws or with extension posts, in addition to allowing the system to be assembled using several approach types, such as: lateral, craniocaudal, trans sphenoidal and posterior fossa.
Compatible with Computerized Tomography, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Digital Angiography equipment, radiology images can be acquired to calculate and localize the target of interest. Its centralized sight system allows for the position of active electrode poles in deep brain stimulation to be found in relation to the target with the help of fluoroscopy. Aimed at being unique and exclusive, Micromar has developed several items that are part of this complete and versatile piece of equipment: curved segment*, frontal segment "A"*, ear aligners*, integration with the microregister system, neuroendoscopy, among others. Its main applications in neurosurgery are: guided surgery, catheter implantation, guided neuroendoscopy, biopsy, hematomas and cysts evacuation, deep electrode implantation and brain lesioning. *Optional items. ** Check availability in your region.
Micromar also offers a Stereotactic Planning Software: a powerful tool that uses radiology imaging to allow the neurosurgeon to intuitively plan surgical procedures with maximum precision and without complication. With easy navigation, this interactive software offers important tools for reconstructing and manipulating images to locate the target, automatic and semi-automatic image fusion, definition of trajectories, among many other resources. ** Check availability in your region.  

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