OpusOne, cortical and peripheral nerve mapping

Simplicity and Precision

The OpusOne Neurostimulator MNS02B was developed with focus on usability. Its new verticalized design makes it easier to visualize parameters during a procedure, while also freeing up space in the operating room. With its use of modern technology, this equipment has new software that provides real-time visualization of all parameters.


Touchscreen software

The new easy-to-view interface has Touch Screen technology, making adjustment of parameters faster and more dynamic. In addition, users have the additional option of using the “Function” key along with the device’s main button to configure parameters.
Three different types of waves, new levels in the frequency parameters (from 1 Hz to 200 Hz) and automatic blocking of functions during recharge, in addition to allowing the adjustment of the current during stimulation. All in an intuitive and practical software.

Rechargable battery

The OpusOne is rechargeable and offers a 5-hour autonomy.



  • Three different wave types – positive monophasic or positive and negative biphasic;

  • New frequency parameter levels – from 1 Hz to 200 Hz;

  • Intuitive and practical software;

  • Simultaneous visualization of all parameters on a single display;

  • Automatic blockage of functions when recharging, preventing any risks to the patient.


  • Audio and visual indication of stimulation;

  • Continual monitoring of the impedance and delivered current values;

  • Adjustment of current during the procedure: helps the surgeon locate the desired area in real time.

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See how all of these attributes together will make routine in the OR easier!

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