Pins for cranial fixation, stability and less impact on the patient.

Cranial Fixation Pins

Made of stainless steel, titanium or aluminum, the Micromar cranial fixation pins have an angled tip, with greater mechanical resistance. Its wider angle prevents torsion or the tip from bending against the patient’s bone when applying force.

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Product with 4 years of validity

Meet different needs

Micromar cranial fixation pins are produced in 03 different materials: stainless steel, titanium and aluminum – for choosing materials with less image artifact interference or more lightness. To meet the different surgical needs, there are adult and pediatric models.


The design offers stability to the patient’s head and ease of insertion and removal of the pin in the cranial fixation system. Its angled tip was developed to reduce the impact during fixation, with different measures for adult and pediatric indications.

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