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Cannulas and Electrodes for

Micromar has a diverse range of disposable cannulas and electrodes for stereotactic procedures, such as biopsy cannulas, hematomas and Abscess evacuation, guided surgery, brain lesioning, deep brain stimulation (DBS) uni or bi-lateral, catheters and probes placement, in addition to kits for integration with neuroendoscopy and microregister system (Micromar Stereotaxy cannulas and electrodes are valid for 4 years).

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Bilateral Implant Surgery

Kit for Biopsy Cannulas

The Biopsy cannulas were developed to be compatible with Micromar stereotactic equipment, the Aimsystem. We also have cannulas and bushings guides for Biopsy compatible with Leksell Stereotactic equipments. All cannulas offer two window options, 5 or 10 mm.

Quick Lock Bushing Guide

The Micromar bushing guides have a practical quick-lock system, to facilitate the neurosurgeon’s routine.

Cannula for Deep Electrode Implant (DBS)

The Micromar deep electrode implant kit (DBS) has cannula adapters compatible with the main brands in the market, such as Medtronic, St. Jude (Abbot) and Boston.



St. Jude (Abbot)

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Micromar cannulas and electrodes for stereotaxy Micromar allow the interaction of the Aimsystem with other surgical techniques.

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